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Leap of Faith

In the movie, Leap of Faith, Jonas is a fake faith healer, who uses all the tricks in the book to con the people attending his shows. Jonas and his team of helpers, including Jane who is in need of some romance, travel the country stopping at big towns and cities to put on their show. When one of the trucks breaks down in a small town, Jonas is quick to accept the challenge of making money in this town. His other goal is to seduce Marva, a waitress in the town, but she’s a hard nut to crack.
In the beginning of the movie Jonas had more faith within himself than in religion. You can say that Jonas is one of those people who just feel unstoppable in what they want to do. In this case Jonas used his strong confidence to do bad deeds and steal people;s money. Jonas has his way with words, where he talks to people and persuades them. That was all true until he met someone who doesn;t have faith and that is Marva. Jonasfirst meets Marva at the restaurant, at the little town where his bus broke down, and he falls for her. Jonas is trying his best to impress this woman but unfortunately she doesn;t give in for some reason. Later on during the movie, Jonas starts his fraud preaching and everyone in the crowd believes in him. Around the second or third day a miracle was done over night. The statue of Jesus had its eyes open when it was originally closed. Jonas was confused and highly shocked to believe it was a real miracle, but he still played along with it. During that night Jonas got a bigger crowd with high beliefs of healing. Towards the end of the night Jonas had people come up and he would do his healing thing, and out of the blue came Marva;s crippled little bother. Jonas tried to avoid the kid atfirst by ending the show but everyone in the crowd was yelling for one more healing. Jonas couldn;t ignore them so he came out talking to the coward, but by then the kid was walking toward the Jesus statue and he …


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