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Les Miserables : Duty and Love

In the novel Les Miserables by Victor Hugo, we have a frequent occurrence of two words. Duty and love. As the characters in this story interact with others, either of these words come into play. Jean Valjean is our main example, he interacts with the good and the bad, the young and the old. All of these interactions have each had an effect on his life, down to the choices he makes and how he fares in life.
When Jean Valjean was in prison he interacted with low life, criminal people. He became even worse, escaping, and then stealing more things. When he met the priest, his life was changed. it was almost like his duty to meet this man, it was his job, his purpose in life. The priest treated him with love, hoping to change his actions. He did not change immediately, but since then he thought twice before considering criminal acts. He eventually moved on to another town, and became a mayor.
When he was mayor, he met Javert the police inspector, but not for thefirst time. Javert had been a guard at the jail where Jean had stayed. It was also his duty to meet Javert again. The police would now become more interested in finding this'Jean Valjean' man. It was his duty to meet him again, so Javert would recognize him from then on, and never give up his search for him. But not everyone has just the importance of duty towards him. Jean soon meets people which inspire him to love.
He meets Fantine, a deathly sick woman with a young daughter by the name of Cosette. It is also his duty to meet Fantine, so he will get custody of Cosette, who ends up changing his life as he raises her as his own. When Cosette gets older and meets Marius and they fall in love, it was Jean's duty to save Marius. He did not like him, but for Cosette's sake, he had to save him when he was in danger on the battlefield. He wanted her to be happy, therefore it was his duty to make sure she was happy at all times.
Jean's interaction with …


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