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Les Miserables

Les Miserables was in fact a narrative of miserable hearts. The four main characters acknowledged adversities in life. The individual privations of each character were what distinct them and were also a hint of how each would live their lifestyle. Fantine's life was miserable; she was held captive by the bog of poverty and public shame and thus had to give up her own child to foster parents. Cosette, the most naive of the miserables, was born into poverty from a poor and unmarried mother. ValJean, one of the foremost character in the story certainly experienced the most poverties, ValJean's life was full of suffering from the early days. Inspector Javert was one of "The Unfortunate" because he locked up himself within the restrictions of the law.
Fantine and Cosette struggled throughout lives. Fantine's biggest shame was the fact that she gave birth to Cosette out of matrimony. Throughout that period giving birth to children out of marriage was considered as a horrible crime. Society detained women such as Fantine in disregard. Such an action could cause a woman to live a miserable life in that society. Unfortunately Fantine was victimized morally and financially. Consequently, Fantine lost her job at ValJean's company and was obligated to sell her body in order to make a living. During that time these kinds of actions were absolutely intolerable as opposed by the law. Javert was the author of one of many obstacles that Fantine had to face. She was very poor and was struggling to survive. However, Fantine's economic condition was not the real motive of what categorized her as one of Les Miserables, but her incapability to grant her daughter with the basic needs, which brought Fantine so much suffering. Fantine was obligated to give Cosette to foster parents while working to provide Cosette money. Furthermore, the foster parents were very rude and selfish with her daughter Cosette. Her mother's …


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