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Lies of Silence

Michael Dillon was the manager of the hotel Clarence, in Belfast (Ireland). He had had an awful day and after work he goes to see his mistress, Andrea Baxter (a Canadian girl who moved to Ireland with her parents and stay to study arts). Dillon thought Andrea was going to leave him but when they met, she told him that she wasn't going to accept the work in London because she wanted to stay with him because she loved him. That made Dillon react and he decided to leave his wife and his job to go with Andrea to London and begin a new life together. Dillon said that the following day he would pack his things, talk to his wife (to leave her) and to his boss (to ask for another employment in London). He would live in the hotel with Andrea until the day they finally go to London.
Dillon and Andrea had met for thefirst time a few months ago. There was a conference about Scottish and Irish poetry in the hotel, and Andrea was doing interviews. Since then they had meet often to make love. However he didn't see that relationship as an affair, he was really in love with Andrea.
As he drove home, he thought about several things:
· He remembered his father saying that the Germans destroyed Belfast.
· He remembered when hefirst met his wife, Moira. It was at a party in London. She was a teacher fed up with teaching kids and wanted to go back to Ireland; Dillon was going to Ireland to be the manager of a hotel but he wished he could stay in London. Dillon fell in love with Moira's looks and proposed her.
· He thought about his father's reaction to what he wanted to do. His father, who had introduced him to the hotel business (he was the proprietor of Kinsallagh House Hotel), would feel betrayed.
When he finally arrived home he found his wife with a friend (Peg Wilton) who he would have to drive home. In the way home, Peg asked Dillon if he would let Moira work in a


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