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life on the mississippi

'Life on the Mississippi', by Mark Twain, is a signet classic.It is a romantic history of the great Mississippi River and autobiography of Mark Twain's early days as a steamboat man.It has many interesting stories about nights on the watch and brawls between the men aboard.This is Twain's own experience on learning to navigate the mighty Mississippi.
Mark Twain is one of America's greatest writers of all time.His real name was being Samuel Langhorne Clemens.He introduced us to the stories of'The adventure's of Tom Sawyer','The Prince and the Pauper', and Mark Twain's finest novel'Huckleberry Finn'.
'Life on the Mississippi' is 383 pages long.It has about forty lines on each page and nine to eleven words on each line.The book has a lot of southern dialect, which makes you feel the mood of the story, but is also harder to read.This book is much like Twain's later books in which it is intended for the more adventurous types so that you can follow the every move of young Sam.In my personal opinion, a trip down the Mississippi on a steamboat is quite boring and not adventurous.
'Life on the Mississippi' is much like'The Adventures of Tom Sawyer' and'Huckleberry Finn'.Critics rank this book in the twain canon with Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn.
This book has been made in to a movie.It was PBS-TV presentation of'Life on
The Mississippi'.I do not know if the movie is better or if the movie corresponds with the book.I have not seen the movie.
This book is unusual in the way that it is setup.It starts off talking about Sam's childhood and then goes to his adult years all in one chapter.The change over is not consistent.There is a time lapse there.
Mark Twain's purpose for writing this book was to tell about years of being a steamboat man on the mighty Mississ…


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