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Like Water for Chocolate

On Thursday, September 22nd, the Spanish Club hosted a movie in Kelley Auditorium.The movie was "Like Water for Chocolate" by Alfonso Arau.By surprise the film was very interesting. It was about one of the bad contributions in the Mexican Cultural.
The story begins in the late 1800's in Mexico.There was a Mexican couple that was expected their third child.When the child was born they named it Tinta.The father finds out that Tinta wasn't his child and dies of a heart attack.This was a well kept secret that followed the mother through out her whole life.Her maid Nacha raised Tinta in the kitchen.By being the last daughter, Tinta wasn't suppose to marry but take care of her of her mother until the day she die.This is why Nacha raised her in the kitchen, so she could learn how to cook, clean, and take care of her mother.
Tinta grew into a very pretty young lady. She had met a gentleman by the name of Pedro who had asked for her hand in marriage.Tinta's mother would not let Pedro marry Tinta but he could marry the oldest daughter Rosaura.So Pedro married Rosaura with intentions to be close to Tinta.Tinta not knowing his intention was furious at him and his mother.When Nacha seen how miserable Tinta was, she put a spell on her.The Spell gave Tinta was, she put a spell on her.The spell gave Tinta the power to touch people through her cooking. When she wanted to make to make put sick because was down she did.When she was horny, the people that ate her food became horny also.She could easily get into the souls of people.
Pedro and Rosaura had theirfirst child.Tinta had delivered the child because she was the only one there.Rosaura became ill after having the child, which made Tinta care for it.This made Pedro and Tinta closer because it was like both of their dreams had come true.Tinta was nursing the child as if it were own.The mother noticed this and made …


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