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Lila 4 ever

I'm going to talk about a film that I find really fascinating, a film called "Lila 4 Ever."
Lila 4 ever is a film about a 16 year old girl called Lila who is living in poor suburb somewhere in the former Soviet Union. She dreams about a better life.
The film opens as Lila is packs her suitcase and waits for her mother and her new boyfriend to come and pick her up They are moving to Unites States.
When mother and her boyfriend arrive, they tell her that she can't come with them now and Lila is promised to be able to join them very soon. Mum tells her that she is going to receive a latter soon with money for the ticked, but as no letter from her mother arrives, Lila realizes that she's been abandoned.
She is left with her cruel aunt who kicks her out from apartment and forced to move into an old small dilapidated flat with no electricity or heating. She hangs out with some losers who also try to escape this unbearable world by sniffing glue and taking pills.
Her only true friend is the 11-year-old boy Moldova who is with Lila the whole time. His he doesn't want to go home because his father is very violent so Moldova crashes in her apartment. He has falling in love with Britney Spears, but also falls in love with Lila too. He also dreams to play basketball professionally. Together Lila and Moldova travel around the area and fantasize about how one could make life easier to live. One day as the two of them are sitting on a bench Lila decides to scratches her name on a bench so it never disappears.
As she can't find a job she is forced to prostitutes herself. After a firs "paycheck" she buys a basketball to her friend Voladja, because he had never had a basketball before. When he played by himself he threw a soda can instead of a ball.
Well after a while Lila finds out that she can't bear sleeping with strangers so she stops.
So in many ways she tries to coupe with a situa…


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