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Lit Analysis of Catcher in the Rye

J.D. Salinger has written one of the greatest coming of age novels entitled Catcher

In the Rye.In the novel Holden Caulfield goes through many troubles that many

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teenagers can relate to.In the beginning of the novel, Holden is irresponsible and

careless.Throughout the novel, he develops morals, responsibility, and love.

The main character in the beginning of the novel, Holden Caulfield, is an

irresponsible teenager.He is attending a private high school that he hates everything

about.The school is very uptight.Holden says "it's the type of damn school that cares

only about how good they look.So if you are failing it makes them look bad so they kick

you out"(CITR 11).Holden is failing out of school and he doesn't really care at all.He

is also a member of the fencing team for the school.The fencing team and Holden were

on the subway on the way to a game.When he got off of the subway, Holden had

forgotten to take the equipment with him.Everyone on the team was mad at him, but he

just thought it was funny.He has known that he is failing out of school but has not told

his parents yet.He knows that his parents will over react.So he does not want to tell

them.One might think that Holden does not want to do good in school.If he did do

good, he would have to go into the real world and become a mature and responsible man.

He does not want to become mature and responsible.He wants to stay young,

irresponsible, and careless.Even though Holden is irresponsible and careless, he still

acts like a gentleman around the ladies.

Holden is nice, sensitive, and caring to woman.He lives in an apartment with

Stradler, someone who is the exact opposite.Stradler is the stereotypical jock who is

good looking and can get any girl he wants.Holden always says "Damn he's handsome.
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He has a nice …


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