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Little women

In the beginning of Little Women, Meg, Jo, Beth, and Amy, the March sisters, are talking about Christmas. They are poor and for Christmas they only get a dollar. Each sister decides to get presents for their mom. Meg wants to get her mom slippers. Jo wants to get her new shoes. Beth wants to get her a set of handkerchiefs. Amy decides to get her some cologne. When their mom came home, they got a letter from their dad, who was at war.
After supper, they sat next to their mom and read the letter.
On Christmas day Jo was thefirst one awake. She saw that there were no stockings hanging at the fireplace. Jo was very mad atfirst, but then she felt something under her pillow it was a crimson- colored book. Meg, Amy, and Beth woke up and found a book under their pillow also. They rushed down stairs to thank their mom, but she wasn't there. So, they ask their family servant who'd been with them since Meg was born, were their mother was. She told the girls that a young boy came by, begging for food and that there mother had gone with the boy to see what the family needed. Because, their mother wasn't home they decided to get together all the gifts they got for their mother. When their mom knocked on the door they had to hide the basket of gifts. It was time for breakfast, but their mother had something to tell them.
"Not far from here is a poor women with six children and a newborn baby. They have no firewood and must stay in one bed to keep from freezing. They have no food and are very hungry," said their mother.
The March sisters decided to give their breakfast to the poor family. When the sisters arrived they gave the food to the family and started to make a fire for the family.
A quote in the book that I thought was very thoughtful is, "Though they were hungry themselves, the girls gathered up the breakfast feast and set out to bring the unfortunate family some …


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