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Live And Let Die

In Live And Let Die, written by Ian Fleming, the main character James Bond is a British special agent.In the novel James Bond investigates a serious cover up of gold coins that are used to fund a Russian agency called SMERSH.Bond uses his spy skills to catch the bad guys in the end.The author, Ian Fleming, uses his past experiences to develop Bond as a womanizing character that lives in a world govern by the present values of society at that time period.
In the novel Bond starts his mission off in New York and he is briefed on what is going on.James finds out that there are gold coins showing up in different pawn shops located in the big apple.These coins are from a sunken ship in the Caribbean, and are being pawned off in Harlem.In every account a black man pawned the booty.While 007 is in New York he finds out that a black gangster named Mr. Big is behind the gold coin scandal.James also finds out that these gold coins are being used to fund the Russian SMERSH agency.So Bond decides to go to Jamaica where Mr. Big is using a exotic fish company as a front to his gold coin cover up.Bond eventually solves the case and catches Mr. Big.
In Live And Let Die, Ian Fleming's experiences in the military are evident."Ian grew up in a military family that earned their social stripes with service and blood". (Cork, Internet)His military background explains why his main character, 007, is a military man."In WWII Ian served as a British Navel Intelligence Officer". (Internet Two)"Fleming schemed, plotted, and carried out dangerous missions". (Cork, Internet)This is why Bond's military character is written in such good description.Ian used his life experiences and turned them into a character, and used that character in his novel.Bond is basically Ian's description of himself.Ian turned his life into a book, which became one of the most famous spy books ev…


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