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Looking for Alibrandi

Josephine Alibrandi is a 17 year old girl and knows what she wants in her life, but things don't always turn out the way you want them to and that's what Josie soon learns. Josie's life is about to be turn up side down.
Josie has 3 best friends, Anna, Lee and Sera, they have been friends for five years. (All through high school) They met because "when every one was picking their friends they were the only one left one the playground." Josie was voted for vice captain of her school and her worst enemy Ivy was voted captain. Poison Ivy (that's what Josie and her friend call her) and Carley (the second worst enemy) are the two most popular girls in the school and they are the richest, snobbiest and rudest as well.
Josie never thought that she would ever meet her dad, but she was wrong. One day when she was about to leave her Nona's house he showed up to talk to her Nona. (Her Nona not knowing that he was Josie's dad) Josie knew who he was straight away because of his name, she thought he would be tall and skinny, but he was short, built up and hansom. All Josie really wanted to do was have a big argue with him, but they never did have one. After a while Josie's dad (Michael Andretti) gave Josie a job as his assistant, he is a barrister and that's what Josie wants to be.
Josie's Nona is an old woman from Italy and was forced to come to Australia by her husband in the 1930's. Her name is Katier Alibrandi, when shefirst got to Australia she hated it, no one spoke Italian and she had to live in the outback, one of the only people she saw Markus Sandford. He didn't speak any Italian but they sort of under stood each other, he tort Katier to speak English and they became best of friends. All this time her husband was off some ware else working. Josie liked the sound of Markus until she found out that he cheated with Nona Katier and that was how


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