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Who am I? I can not believe mama, no way did this ever happen? No wonder papa was never close to me, and threw me out when I was pregnant. Mama and papa always used to say how much I had disgraced the family name. I can not believe it. Mama was so rude to me, how dare her. After all she had done worse, much worse. She was a married woman. I don't care what she says about how hard it was in those times, I can't trust her or forgive her. She was the one who disgraced the family not me. I mean at least I wasn't married. She always goes on how I brought the curse upon her, Josie and myself but she did.
Worse still Josie knew before me. I feel it is my entire fault. She has already been through so much this past year and now this. I can't believe mama put her under that much pressure to keep this a secret. I am so glad that I will be rid of the name Alibrandi in only one week. I don't even know what my maiden name is now. Is it Alibrandi or Sanford? What should I put on my marriage certificate? I don't even know who I am. How am I supposed to get married if I don't know who I am?
Poor Josie, she is even more upset about this than I am. She isn't upset for her though she is upset for me. It is all mamas fault that now Josie and I don't know who we are. At least she will next week, when she becomes an Andretti with Michael and me after we get married.
How could of I not of picked u on this? I mean look Italian; I speak Italian how can I not be Italian? My photos all look like mama when she was the same age. Did papa know? Is that why he kicked me out and spat at me? Why didn't I pick up on the fact that papa wasn't there in the summer. Josie told me thousands of times about how mama always went on about her stories about when theyfirst moved to Australia. Why didn't I pickup on the fact that I wasn't an Alibrandi?
Mama says this is why she told me! So I could start


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