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Lord of the Flies


In the book Lord of the Flies by William Golding, Piggy has a major role.He is the intelligence source of the group of boys that is trapped on this island. Yet Piggy does not make a good leader, nor does he fit the qualifications of a leader.His background, appearance, and personality are not the qualities of a good leader
Piggy has a very tragic background, when he was young both his father and mother died, and he was raised by his Aunt.She owned a candy store, and he was able to have as many of the candies as he wanted, also Piggy is not in the best of health.Piggy is unable to run or swim because he has asthma. As a result he can not go and do as much as the other boys.He usually gets stuck back at the fort keeping an eye on the young children.Piggy is not exactly what would be called a fit boy; actually he what would be called over weight for an adolescent.This is why the boys called him Piggy when he was younger, but they also called him Fatty. Because Piggy is over weight, it makes it much harder to find a person that accepts him for who he is and not what he looks like.
Piggy does not have the best physical appearance, because he is over weight, and he is not a very good looking boy. This is how he got his name because he is fat like a pig.He has a buzz hair cut that never seems to grow and a chubby face.He wears spectacles which that make him look like a nerd, so no one really cares a lot for Piggy.Not only do the others not care that much for him, but Piggy has low self-esteem .He is really down on himself because, in his own eyes he is the truedefinition of a loser. Piggy just acts like he is better than most of the boys there, just because he is intelligent.The fact that Piggy does not gain any friends makes it much harder for him to get along with the other boys on the island.
Piggy is a boy who does not like to be thefirst to do anything. He is the type of boy that is called a foll…

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