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Lord of the Flies

In the novel Lord of the flies by William Golding, the conch represents law, order,
Ralph and Piggy discovered the conch in a lagoon on the island. Atfirst
Ralph said it was a shell but Piggy corrected him and said it was a conch and it could be
used as a trumpet. Ralph blew in it and managed to make a loud sound that ended up
getting everyone's attention. A group of choirboys march in with their leader Jack.
Ralph and Jack agree that they need someone to lead so they make everybody vote. The
vote was for Ralph to be the leader. The choir boys of course voted for Jack because he
was their leader but everyone else voted for Ralph. Jack seems to really want to be in
charge and to be the leader and when the vote was done he seemed disappointed. At this
point the conch represents order and unity.
After Ralph, Jack, and Simon return from exploring the island Ralph decides to call
another meeting. He tells everybody that there are no adults on the island so they will have
to be calm and wait to be rescued. He also made some ground rules for everybody to
follow. One of the rules was: whoever holds the conch he will have the right to speak and
everybody will have to listen. Other rules applied to the "littluns" to help out with building
the shelters and gathering wood and to hunt for food. After this was said a little boy held
the conch and told everybody that he saw some kind of monster he called it a "beastie."
The "littluns" are now afraid but Ralph and Jack think its fake and they do not worry
about it. The conch now represents law by setting the rules for everybody to obey.
Another time when Ralph had to blow to the conch shell to call a meeting it was
because the "littluns" were not doing anything to help out. They were refusing to work
and help build shelters. Piggy agrees with Ral


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