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Lord Of The Flies

This essay is based on the novel “The Lord Of The Flies” written by Mr William Golding about a group of boarding school boys from somewhere in England in the era of the First World War who are fleeing the country by aeroplane because of the fears from having the school bombed as well as themselves bombed on by the enemy. The aeroplane crashes on a mysterious island and the school group of boys get stranded on the island and have to fend for themselves without any grown adults and having no knowledge of the island. During their stay, fear slowly overwhelmes some of the particular school boys and soon later and outburst ofphycotic rage, savagness and violence are brought up upon.
This essay is about the whole fear concept and the discussion on the saying of “Fear is the enemy of civilisation, fear prevents construction and progress.” and i will be discussing then fragility of civilisation against the destructive power of fear.
The Term “Fear is the enemy of civilisation, fear prevents construction and progress”, is very much true that the fact that some of the boys in the Lord Of The Flies Novel let fear overcome them because of the fear of not being found, no one showing them structure and discipline, the fear of dying and the fear of the monster in the caves. This became the enemy of civilisation; there own little civilisation soon over when fear overtook. The part about fear preventing construction and progress was also true because when fear took over the boys, all the constructive things they worked on and their progress to stay alive no longer was looked upon. Saying this plays an important role in the novel and was probably studied by William Golding when he wrote Lord Of The Flies.
Civilisation and society is a very fragile thing. You need to keep the order and the peace in order to keep civilisation on going.
But what happens when the society and the civilisation are over powered by fear by the people within the societ…


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