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Lord Of The Flies

The author gives a symbol to almost every thing in The Lord of the Filesand
representational meaning in terms of the theme of the development of evil on the island.
The boys represent different personality traits. Examples would be the bully, and the
adventurer. They show the diversity in an actual society. The weird rituals, symbolize the
increasing powers of evil.The conch was a very big symbol. It showed authority within
their group. It also could show order and stability.Who ever held it had the chance of
speaking and giving their opinions. When it broke, it seemed as though everything turned
to complete chaos. The landscape of the Island seemed to also represent human qualities;
for example, the jungle the darkness of the human spirit, the ocean the destructiveness of
man, the platform reason, the mountain hope. The boulder that was used to kill Piggy and
Jack’s knife represent the violence and evil of the boys. In the book there was a cycle of
man’s rise to power, and his inevitable fall from that power . The Lord Of The Flies
symbolizes this fall in different ways. One minute it was a pig running freely around the
island and then the next a prisoner, and then killed. Almost like they boys opinion, atfirst
they had their own say in allot of matters but as time went on it seemed as though they
kept quite, in fear of Jack’s doings.


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