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Lord of the flies

In the book Lord of the Flies, William Golding shows a pessimistic attitude in the theme of his book. He shows there is evil in all men which can become overt. There are many instances in which he illustrates the premise stated.
Thefirst demonic expression of the book deals with hunting for food. All the boys are weary of berries and any other vegetation they could find. Therefore they decide to hunt for wild pigs. The malevolent event isn't the destruction of the pig but comes when they cut its head off and skewer it on a sharpened stick. The next situation that takes place is between Piggy and Jack. Piggy criticizes Jack as a leader and leaving the fire to die. In turn Jack punches Piggy in the face and breaks his glasses. Just after this the twins Eric and Sam claim they saw a beast which was really a dead parachutist. This causes fear in all the boys and in a way leads to a sadistic climax in the book. All of the boys are gathered around the fire eating another pig, they start to hear noises in the woods and think it's the beast. They all charge at the moving creature with sharpened sticks and to mortally wound what they thought was a monster. The moving object was a boy named Simon on his way to tell all the boys the good news, there is no beast. He never gets the chance to notify them. The last and probably most horrific event takes place shortly after this. Jack and his followers lose their flame and need Piggy's glasses to start it back up. Instead of asking for them they decide to steal them. Ralph and Piggy are both tired of the aggressive actions of Jack and decide to go confront him. As Ralph climbs to Jack up the mountain he advises Piggy to stay behind at the bottom since he can't see. While Piggy awaits Ralph, Jacks tribe is above Piggy by a huge boulder. A boy named Roger decides to shove the boulder on to Piggy killing him, destroying the conch and ridding the order left o


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