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Lord of the Flies

The overall and most important theme of Lord of the Flies is the conditions of life within a civilization that are closely related to the moral virtue of its individual members.
The theme is an attempt to trace the fault of society back to the faults of human nature.When they voted for Ralph to be the leader of the group, Jack became very angry, jealous and rebellious.Ralph decided to build a fire to signal the boats and he put Jack in charge of keeping the fire going.Instead of watching the fire, Jack went to hunt a wild pig.This shows rebellion and wanting to fulfill our own desires and needs.A boat happened to pass by when the fire was out , this caused much grief and pain and more seperation of the group.
The Lord of the Flies takes place on a deserted Island in the Pacific around the time of World War II.
The setting is a way to compare how the boys wickedness is like the wickedness in the world and mankind in general.World War II was going on around the island shown by the fact that fighter planes battle above the island.The war on the island is just a model of the larger war that is going on all over the world during the story.The war on the island in the Lord of the Flies is fought because all the boys cannot share power, resource and accountability.They could not work together for example they could not share Piggy's glasses for lighting fires when they were apart.Jack could not provide meat without using it to get more power.Humanity kills itself because that is its nature.
Roger is a quiet boy, very healthy, intelligent, and athletic.He keeps to himself and when he gets angry, he holds it all inside until finally he explodes.Roger turns into a torturer and a tormentor.He loves to throw rocks, roll boulders or stab the boys with his spears.He represents a different kind of evilness than that of Jack.Roger appears to know exactly what evil he is doing and does not care.It is s…


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