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Lord of the Flies

This novel, Lord of the Flies, was written by William Golding. The novel is filled with many symbols, which support the theme to the novel. Throughout this novel you will see Golding use Objects, Characters and settings as symbols.
The novel starts with a tropical island, which a group of English boys discover after their plane crashes, killing all the adults on board. The island itself is a symbol. The island is to be the landing place of the crashed plane because an island is isolated from the rest of society. The boys have no contact with the outside world and must look to themselves to solve the problems of their own micro-society. In this way, the island, which symbolizes isolation, serves as a perfect weakness of human nature which eventually comes out.
Ralph, a tall boy with “fair hair,” seems perfectly calm and almost excited with the fact of being free of adults and on his own in this strange island. Ralph wandered out of the tropical jungle paradise. Ralph thought to himself “We are going to have fun on this island”. Ralph was enjoying himself, while his friend Piggy, a pudgy boy with thicklensed glasses was worried. The glasses symbolize the voice of reason and logic among the boys. Piggy defends his glasses even more than the conch. Piggy uses his glasses to find solutions to the boys' problems. The most important solution the glasses find is the lighting of the fire, the boys' best chance of being rescued. Piggy was picking thorns from his bare legs and says “I can’t move with all these creeper things”. A whole load of schoolboys had been thrown overboard on the island before their plane crashed. Ralph was confident his father would rescue them, while Piggy didn't think so.
Ralph found a large conch shell in the lagoon and Piggy told him to blow it. The conch shell is also a symbol in this story. This shell is thefirst discovery Ralph and Piggy make on the island, and Ralph blew on the shell to c…


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