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Lord of the flies

Lord of the Flies
By: William Golding

William Golding’s Lord of the Flies is just not an ordinary novel about a group of young boys stranded on an island but also a contrast and explanation to the many different types of political ideologies that are revealed in itself.In the story different types of characters present a variety of government that relate to our world today.Simon, a pure individual who accepts consequences for his own actions tells us he is a self-seeker.On the other hand, Jack is a narrow-minded character similar to a facist.Lastly, Piggy, a chubby boy with glasses contributes his ideas of cooperation and peace in order to survive.All of these characters represent what can occur in social order as people of a time try to meet their needs.

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Simon is an independent free thinker whose identity is defined by unique characteristics.He makes independent decisions and judgements.”All the same.You’ll get back all right.I think so anyway.”His judgement towards Ralph tells us that even though the other boys are pessimistic about the rescue, Simon looks to the good side and tries to comfort his friend.He takes individual initiative when he says, ” I’ll go if you like.I don’t mind, honestly.”Although there may be danger, Simon is willing to risk and be responsible for his personal actions.When Simon tries to tell the other boys about his ordeal which has led to his own death, the individual knows he’s responsible for his personal well being.He wanders off alone shows that he’s an egoist.Lord of the Flies basically confirms to Simon that the Beast really is “inside” everyone.The threat of being killed clearly foreshadows the ending of Simon’s life.Simon still tries to warn the others but fails in the end.This type of character thinks and does things privately but thinks about the whole situation and what is best for the people.In our world, people that are similar to this tend to sac…


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