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Lord of the Flies

William Goldings'Lord of the Flies' wasfirst published in 1954 and is now recognised as a classic all over the world. I think William Golding concentrates on looking at the pessimistic side of humanity in'Lord of the Flies', a total contrast to'Coral Island' where three Christian boys kill the pirates and convert the cannibals. Golding illustrates how, without society and restraints, humans will give into their natural instincts of evil and destruction.
At the beginning we meet Ralph and Piggy coming out of the jungle, later we come across the other boys in the story after Ralph blows the conch to attract the attention of any other survivors. The survivors include several small boys, the twins Sam'n' Eric and the choir, which includes the characters Jack, Simon and Roger. Ralph is chosen for chief at the beginning over Jack, this clearly upsets Jack but he does not mention it to anybody straight away. As chief Ralph's job is to lay down the rules and try to organize a society. Ralph sensibly gets everyone to start constructing huts, collecting food and building a fire signal.
Right at the beginning where the plane crashed there is a " Long scar smashed into the jungle." Golding does not describe the scar in great detail but the image of "broken trunks," with " jagged edges," gives us the idea of the destruction caused to the island. I think that the scar symbolically represents the destruction that man is naturally capable of inflicting and this can be directly linked with the pain and suffering they inflict on each other later on, including the death of Simon, Piggy and the boy with the mark on his face.
At the beginning of the story Golding describes the island as a paradise with all the essential things for them to survive until they are rescued. The palms of the trees are described as being like " Green feathers," and that the …


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