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Lord of the Flies- Basic Legal Notions

The movie the Lord of the flies reflects many basic legal notions. Many of these concepts are identified and questioned throughout the film.
The movie starts out with a plane crash. Due to this many private-school boys are left stranded on a deserted island. The boys are left to fend for themselves with no adult authority figures left with them.
Piggy and Ralph are the 1st to meet up with each other after escaping from their shot-down plane. They become friends immediately and stick loyally together throughout the movie.They then meet up with Jack and his Choir, Simon, Sam and Eric, and many other characters join in an assembly. Rules are set down, and Ralph is elected to be chief.
Ralph calls another assembly, and reminds everyone that they are completely alone on the island, and there are no adults. They are in a state of anarchy (lawlessness).
After allocating jobs, laws were loosely set in place to ensure that a society should lightly emerge.
Jack and his crew were busy tracking a pig when they were meant to be monitoring the fire. As a result of their lack of involvement they missed an opportunity to get saved by a plane flying ahead. Ralph presses that keeping the signal fire is much more important than hunting and they have displayed a lack of fairness.
After a successful hunting expedition, the boys return with a pig which is shared even among the boys, this represent equality as the portions were fair for everyone.
Soon, after many more disagreements between Ralph and jack had emerged, they separated into two tribes, Jack went down the savage path turning his crew savage with him. Covering themselves with war-paint, their values consisted of hunting for food and protecting their base camp.
Ralph's tribe was based more on ethics; his tribe contained the younger boys and regarded safety and being saved more then a power hierarchy.
After a series of murder's including Piggy's, Jack'


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