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Lord of the Flies compared to Famous Philosophers

Lord of the Flies compared to Famous Philosophers
A plane full of military boys crashes into the ocean.The boys struggle for safety and are soon stranded on a deserted island.They elect a leader and all is well until controversy arises.The group splits and two types of governments are formed.Many things about Lord of the Flies can be compared to several different philosophers throughout history.
Aristotle, a Greek philosopher born in 384 BC, believed that slavery is a piece of life property and it is a natural institution.In Lord of the Flies, Jack treated the people on his side like they were slaves.Jack even whipped one little boy for doing something wrong.Ralph said to the twins, who had joined Jack's side, "You've got to stand up to him, or you'll just be another one of his slaves."Nicolo Machiavelli, a 15th century Italian philosopher, focused on a monarch government and believed in a dictatorship.When Jack separated from Ralph, he went on to create a dictatorship.He was the leader and people had to follow him.Before too long, he didn't hardly have to do any work, because of all the people that he had corrupted into doing all the work for him.Thomas Hobbs was a 16th century man from England.In his book, Leviathan, he wrote that "man is selfish and will battle for power."In one scene Jack had the twins say, "The chief has spoken" to convey that he has the power and he is the boss.John Locke, a 17th century British Philosopher, believed in protecting the rights of people, just like Ralph wanted to do with Piggy's glasses and the safety knife that were both eventually taken.Also, he felt that everyone had the right to speak their mind.Ralph and the other boys came from a military school, where they probably couldn't speak there mind like they would have liked, so giving the boys the right to speak whenever they held the conch shell, gav…


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