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Lord of the Flies Essay

In the battlefields of war today, the corrupt ways of mankind are obvious.Hundreds of people are becoming causalities of violence in the Middle East simply because of their contempt for each other's beliefs, fueled by their savage nature.All the people that we interact with, see on the news, and hear about, have been infected with the disease of human corruption.This sickness is clearly shown through the characters and interactions present in William Golding's Lord of the Flies.The spears the boys use represent the evil in human nature, which corresponds with Freud's theory of the Id and supports Golding's idea that the source of war is the innate corruption of mankind.
The spears, which the boys use as deadly weapons, show that human beings, whether it be a twelve-year-old British boy or a veteran guerrilla fighter, have evil thoughts within their nature.The spears originated when Jack comes up with the idea of killing animals on the island for food.Originally equipped with a hunting knife, Jack strives to create something more deadly and produces "A sharpened stick about five feet long." (Golding 44)He carved the stick to a sharp point so it could penetrate the flesh of a living animal.While Jack hunts, his violent desires show themselves through his appearance:"The madness came into his eyes again. I thought I might kill." (Golding 47)The spears bring out the savagery and evil lurking deep down inside the boys. "[Jack] tried to convey the compulsion to track down and kill that was swallowing him up." (Golding 47)The spears are similar to an addictive material that engulfs the boys with violence.These spears were created by the boys for only one particular reason.Therefore, the spears that the boys make, constantly remind them about the sole purpose of the weapons: to murder another living creature.
The spears relate to Freud's theory of Id becau…


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