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Lord of the Flies Leadership

It is clear that in Lord of the Flies that, despite the efforts of the characters Ralph and Jack, no easy conclusion can be reached as to which of them should be the “chief” of the group.It is through careful observation, however, that one may name Piggy as the most fit to become leader.Though he is in many ways the most physically inferior of all the other boys, he possesses the abilty to think progressively, and in a civilized manner that would be most advantageous to the group.
Ralph is the most physically inclined to survive under such harsh living conditions, and is the most prominant possibilty for a leader during the beginning chapters of the book.He is in many ways a pure minded and fatherly character, but lacks the mental capacity and on-the-spot decision making required to be a leader.He concerns himself mostly with the responsibilty of maintaining the signal fire, and gaining rescue for himself and the others. This responsibility also causes Ralp to neglect his role as leader and causes his iminent downfall.
Jack is the most obvious leader, as the head of the choir boys.He is a devilish figure: tall and skinny with red hair and a freckley and almost ugly complexion.Jack is given the responsibility of maintaining the signal fire and hunting, but neglects the fire in order to hunt causing a possible rescue ship to pass by. Jack’s blood-lust inables him to possess the proper qualities of a leader, and turns him into the malefactor of the community.
Piggy would seem to be the most logical example of a leader on the island, and with Ralph and Jack willing to step down and put aside thier physical superiorities to him, could form a strong and unified “council” to lead the boys.


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