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Lord of the Flies: Who Should be the Leader of the Entire Gr

To be a successful leader, one must, above all else, command respect.He or she must be someone that people look up to, and wish to emulate.A leader must inspire fear in his or her people.Fear is the binding substance between worshipers and the worshipped.Even the most unruly horde can be controlled by fear.The successful leader also keeps his people defensive.They must look to him or her for security, because the rest of the world is surely against them.Jack would make the best leader for the group, because he not only commands respect from his people, but also inspires fear.Fear not only of himself, but also of all things not of his faction.
Great leaders must command respect.Without the utmost reverence, a leader does not truly control his or her people.Jack has this respect.His people even talk of his greatness among themselves.”He’s a proper chief, isn’t he” (159)?Comments such as this were never made concerning Ralph.Other power-hungry characters, such as Roger, do not dare try to usurp Jack.They never even consider such actions.”assimilating the possibilities of irresponsible authority” (160).Roger yearns for power but he would never go against Jack to get it, because Roger respects him.People wish to please Jack, and do not hesitate even if there is danger.They respect Jack, so they are not worried about what could happen.After all, what could happen with Jack around?
A leader must have absolute power over his people.This power must extend to the point of fear.The exchange between Roger and Robert serves to illustrate this quality in Jack.Robert says to Roger, “He’s going to beat Wilfred” (159).Robert says this excitedly.Jack beats people to keep them in their place; this does not appear to bother Robert.Robert has shown his fear outwardly as excitement.He looks forward to seeing Jack beat Wilfred, because that means Jack is not beating h…


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