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lord of the flies3

The novel Lord of the Flies by William Golding begins when a group of young boys get stranded on a tropical island without any adults.When the boys are all together they decide they need to elect a leader.The boys choose Ralph primarily because he is the oldest.That angers Jack because him and Ralph aren't the best of friends.To restore Jacks hurt feelings Ralph makes him the leader of the hunter group. Jack promises to keep them supplied with meat.Ralph then decides to make rules for the boys to follow, but he only comes up with one.The rule is at meetings only the person with the conch, or horn can speak. After Piggy who is Ralph's best friend lectures everyone on how important it is to be rescued Ralph decides to put a fire on the top of a mountain, so if a plane goes buy the smoke can be seen. They use Piggy's glasses to kindle a fire.
While Ralph and some others are building huts Jack is out stalking a pig but the pig got away. When Jack gets back to the beach Ralph starts to complain to him that the hunters should do more work at building huts then roaming in the jungle. Jack starts to get angry and the boys get into an argument, but they are able to control themselves.The boys eventually got use to their new life on the island. The early sunrise, the fresh sweet air, and by the best time of the day they forgot about their hopes and worries. When the sun was at its highest peak the heat became unbearable they went into the shade and napped.At night it became pitch black and the boys became frightened and restless.Jack and some of the other hunters painted their faces and went out to kill the pig.Meanwhile Ralph and piggy where sitting on the beach and they saw a ship on the horizon.Then they found out that the fire on the mountain went out because the hunters who were supposed to be taking care of the fire were gone.When the hu


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