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Lord of the Rings

In this scene of the movie Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of Rings, there were many cinematic techniques used to enhance the scene. One technique used was the usage of special effects. Special effects included the environment (background) of the scene. The scene took place on a dark, misty, path. There was fog and smoke which made the place seem spooky and frightening. It resembled a graveyard atmosphere, which hints to the viewers that something evil is near. Another special effect was the dark rider. The dark riders face was covered by the shadows from his hood. This made the rider seem mysterious, evil, and frightening. Another technique used was the camera angles. The camera focused on certain parts and took different views to make the scenes more realistic. One example is how the camera, atfirst, only showed the horse's feet that the dark rider was riding. By only showing the feet it draws an essence of secrecy and mystery upon the horse's appearance. One other way that the camera intensifies the scene is when it zooms in and gives an extreme close up of Frodo's eyes. The close up occurs when Frodo is beginning to feel the power of the ring. From this extreme view, we can tell the pain and struggle he is going through. We get to experience, through his sad and frightful eyes, the power of the ring on people. Overall the use of cinematic techniques on the scene and to the movie as a whole was one of the major reasons why Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Rings was such as spectacular and thrilling movie.


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