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Loss of Innocence in Citizen Kane

The movie that I am providing my interpretation of a theme is Citizen Kane.Citizen Kane was directed and starred by a young and relatively unknown actor named Orson Welles.He was given one of the most lucrative movie offers ever given at that time and free range to do anything that he wanted.Citizen Kane was thefirst movie that he had ever made and is widely regarded as the best film ever made.Throughout the movie there are many different themes such as Rosebud, not one word can describe a mans life, and loss of innocence as it relates to the main character Charles Foster Kane's childhood.The theme that I chose to interpret was the loss of innocence as it related to Kane's childhood.
Thefirst scene that I chose to interpret was the opening scene of the movie.Welles chose to shoot the scene in a very formalistic manner.In the scene we see Kane standing in front of a window with a glass snow globe with a miniature version of what we later know is his childhood home.We then hear Kane utter the word Rosebud before he drops the snow globe and dies. Welles used many different techniques to convey the scene to the theme.Thefirst example is when he holds the snow globe in his hand; he makes it the mise-en-scene by using low key dark lighting on everything except the hand itself.As we see Welles hold the snow globe we can see that there is snow falling not only inside of the globe but also on the outside and throughout the whole shot.Welles was able to make this happen by using a matte shot and an optical printer to add the effect of snow.Snow and the color white were used as a motif throughout the movie as a symbol of Kane's childhood and his longing to still be a child.
The second scene that I chose to analyze is the scene where there was a flashback to Kane's childhood.This served as the turning point in Kane's life and would mold him into the man that he became.We are taken …


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