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Lost In Translation

All of us have been waiting for the Oscar night in order to know who won the awards.This moment is not only exciting for the actors and actresses, but also for directors, producers and many others who are involved in making movies.One of the movies that has captured some Oscar buzz is called "Lost in Translation," written and directed by Sofia Coppola.This movie is a nominee for Best Picture.In addition, this movie has some related nominations such as Actor in Leading Role (Bill Murray), Directing, and Writing.
This movie tells us a story of love and friendship that are taking place under unlikely circumstances.Bob Harris (Bill Murray) is a famous American actor who is experiencing difficult times in his career as well as in his personal life.As a result, he decides to take a small job in Japan, where he would appear on whiskey commercial.Due to the cultural shock, Harris spends most of his time in the hotel.There, he meets an American twenty year old Charlotte (Scarlett Johansson), who has been married to John (Giovanni Ribisi), a photographer, for two years.During her stay, she begins to question whether her marriage to John is a huge mistake.Charlotte and Bob find out that they have a lot in common, such as broken marriages, cultural shock and career difficulties.When John goes away for the job assignment, Charlotte and Bob get to know each other better and discover Tokyo together.There are indications that they may end up as more than just friends.
In my opinion, this movie was greatly written.Sofia Coppola was able to capture the many differences in culture, by costume designs and visual effects.For those who have never been in Japan before; after watching this movie, they feel like I have.Also, the cultural shock was shown in every possible way.The main characters did not speak Japanese and did not have any friends nor loved ones with them in


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