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The height of the mountains, the depth of the seas,
Seem little or nothing when you smile at me.
The way your eyes twinkle, like the stars in the night,
Whenever we’re together, fills me with delight.
The sight of your face with your rosy cheeks,
Stays in my mind for weeks upon weeks.
When we’re walking together with your hand in mine,
I forget about everything including time.
Each time you kissed me, my mind did a trick,
And I think to myself, “Man, what a chick.”
The mountains are big and the oceans are too,
But they’ll never be bigger than my love for you.
Every minute and hour that we are apart,
Seems to strain on my fragile heart.
When I’ll see you again is never too soon,
To keep you forever I’d run to the moon.
Sometimes you tease me and call me names,
But that will never douse my love flames.
Whenever I get you a gift, you ask for a clue,
Well, how can I hint about my love for you?


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