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Love and basketball

How many of the ya'll been in love before?.I know I have.Now, how many of ya'll like to play basketball?Well I love to play basketball.When you put those two together; what do you have?Love and Basketball.From the playground to the pro leagues, Monica and Quincy taught each other how to play the game.Now their commitment to the sport will force them to make a choice between each other and the game… between family and team… between love and basketball.Love and Basketball reflects who I am because I have drive and determination which is part of my personality, I have short temper and I get mad easily which is part of my attitude, and I value strong relationships.
Within this movie, there is a lot of drive and determination portrayed between Monica and Quincy.Monica who is driven to be thefirst woman in the NBA, and Quincy wanting to grow-up and emulate his father- a player for the Clippers. These aspirations will propel them to make their dreams come true.Like wise in reality we all are faced with challenges whether or not you overcome these obstacles determines if you succeed in life.
Like I said before I have a short temper and when things don't go my way I react in a negative way.Monica shows this same trait.For instance, when Monica was playing basketball, she was being very aggressive and the referee gave her a technical foul, as aresult she angrily walked back to the bench, shouting at the referee, "You suck!"After the game she explained that she was only showing emotion.As a result of her temper, many recruiters turned her away.Even when the people closest to her tried to give her constructed criticism she was defensive and refused to listen.But soon she would come to her senses and realize that they were just trying to help her.
Strong relationships are hard to find, and when you finally do find that "one" you'll never


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