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Love in Les Miserables

Through his characters in the book Les Miserables Victor Hugo develops the idea that love is the most important and powerful force against the difficulties of life. The book Les Miserables takes place in post revolutionary France where there is still fighting for a government that will be fair to all of Frances people, not just the rich ones. Jean Valjean will be used as an example of how love conquers all because he never knew what love was until he met and took care of Cosette. Marius will be used because he too never knew real love, and was willing to throw away his life if he couldn't have his true love. Then lastly Eponine is an example because after all that she went through she found love, but when she realized she couldn't have it she was almost willing to kill for it.
When Jean Valjean became a free man after 19 years in the galleys for stealing a loaf of bread to feed his starving brothers and sisters, and also numerous escape attempts, he finds himself in a small town called M—- sur M—-. After doing a bunch of good deeds for the town he became mayor. There he met a dying prostitute named Fantine, who stayed with him while she was dying. On her deathbed she asked a favor of JVJ, she asked if he would go and get her daughter Cosette and bring her back to see her one last time. So JVJ got her there, but it was too late Fantine died before Cosette got there. After that JVJ took her under his wing and raised her and loved her. But the police inspector named Javert was after him so he had to keep constantly moving. One time to get Javert off of his trail he ducked into a convent with Cosette. Soon it was time to go for them but Jean was contemplating whether or not to keep Cosette in the convent to become a nun but then realize
" He had no right to condemn Cosette to the cloister for the reason he had been condemned to the galleys."323
After all of this Cosette fell in love with Marius. But soon the…


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