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Love is defined as when you seek and foster the goodness of others in the context of their concrete situations.That statement can be interpreted in many different ways.There are many different types of love: self-love, friendship love, erotic love, parental love, love of nature, romantic love, and God's love.Self-love is when you love yourself, not vainly, but just caring about yourself and you well being.Friendship love is when you and another person love each other in a platonic way.Erotic love happens when two people want to join together in union in both body and mind.Parental love is the affirmation parents make about their kids.It's an unconditional love because parents love their kids no matter what bad things they do.Love of nature is when you respect all of God's creations, and nurture them. Romantic love is friendship love only on a much deeper level.The two people care about each other so much that they only want to be with each other.God's love is the love that God has for us.God made everything in his image and likeness, so obviously he loves everything on earth.The movie Forrest Gump depicts all of these types of love, some more obviously than others.
Friendship love can be seen in Forest Gump most easily between Forest and Jenny.From the time theyfirst met on the school bus, when Jenny let Forest sit next to her, they became friends forever.They grew up as best friends.They helped each other out when they needed it.They cared about each other.An example is when some local bullies were making fun of Forest and throwing stones at him, Jenny told Forest to run, he did, and then was free from the bullies' harm.An example of when Forest was there for Jenny when she needed it was when Jenny was trying to get away from her abusive father.Jenny left her house and with Forest, went into the corn field.He was there to give her support and to try to make her…


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