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"Mulholland Drive is a place where dreams and nightmares meet."
What do an aspiring actress, a beautiful stranger, a frustrated film director, a sinister cowboy, a gritty assassin, and a scary sorcerer all have in common?They are all the key characters in master cult director David Lynch's newest thriller.The film is darkly beautiful, blending a mind-bending mystery with just the right amount of eroticism to keep viewers watching, salivating, and craving for more.
Set in present day Los Angeles, the film begins by introducing Betty.She's come all the way from Deep River, Ontario, in search of stardom and fame in Hollywood.Betty, being both young and naive, befriends a complete stranger who seeked shelter in her apartment after a car accident.The stranger cannot remember anything that happened to her before the car crash so she decides to go by the name of Rita, until she finds out her true identity.Meanwhile, Adam Kesher is in the process of casting the female lead role for his next picture.Everything seems to be within his control until a secret organization and a sinister cowboy begin pressuring him into casting the woman of their choice.As the film progresses, Betty and Rita find themselves in a passionate but dangerous love affair while Adam struggles with death threats and confusion.Soon enough, Betty, Rita, and Adam find themselves lost in a seedy, corruptive, and sometimes dreamlike world… otherwise known as Hollywood.
First, I must comment on the acting and direction of this picture.Mulholland Drive is Australian actress Naomi Watts'first American movie and what a breakout performance she gives!For three-quarters of the movie she flawlessly plays the young, wannabe actress lost in a world so foreign to her.Without giving away a surprising plot twist, let's just say that during the last half-hour of the film her character suddenly rockets into an oppos


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