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M The Movie

M The movie

"Always there is this terrible voice force inside of me driving me on.Im always afraid of myself, of people, of ghost, always I must walk streets alone, and always I am followed soundlessly.Yet I hear it.It's me pursuing myself.I want to run to escape from myself but I can't.I can't escape I must obey.Forced to run endless streets, pursued by ghost, ghost of mothers and of those of children.They are always there, always.Except when I.Then I can't remember anything.And afterwards I see those posters, I think, did I do that?But I don't remember it!But who will believe me?Who knows what its like to be me?How im forced to act.How I must, must, don't want to.But must!And then a voice screams.I can't bear to hear it.I can't go on.I can't go on.I can't go on".
In the movie "M" we see a murderer torment a city by killing there children.On the outside this person is just like anyone else.He goes about his business and goes through his day just like anyone else.But then these certain things happen that bring out this different person.This person has no control over himself and what he does.He does not think along the lines of a normal rational person.He is totally taken over by this mental illness and acts in such a way that he does not want to but yes feels as if he is forces to.He can't bear to hear it or do what he does yet he has no control over it always feeling as if he is being pursued by this deeper darker thing inside of him.Then afterwards when he see's the terrible things he has done he cant even believe that it was him.It is obvious that he has an uncontrollable mental illness and that certain things bring out these uncontrollable murderous actions and are able to be seen which are the casting of dark shadows, when he whistles his certain tune, the way he plays with is kn…

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