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Was Macbeth a bad man who chose his path to destruction, or was he basically a good man who was dealt a “bad hand” through fate? Use references from the play to support your answer.
I believe that Macbeth was a good man that was dealt a bad hand in fate. I think that it all started when he was celebrating with Banquo after their battle. They ran into the witches who told them their futures. Macbeth'sfirst promise of the future was fulfilled when he became thane of Cawdor. He got caught up in the glory and couldn't wait to get the next promise of the future, the place of king.
Macbeth told his wife about the witches and his future. He didn't want to murder the king. He loved his king, but his wife convinced him to do it. She did this by making him feel guilty because she said that he'd be taking away her potential spot as the queen. Of course he loved her more than the king so he killed the king.
That kill led to another, which led to another and so on. Macbeth killed Duncan, his two guards, Banqou, Young Siward, Lady Macduff, and her children. Slowly, he and his wife were becoming crazier by the second.
Macbeth wouldn't have killed all of those people if the witches hadn't told him his future. I can see how many men in that time period would have tried to commit a murder like that if they were in Macbeth's situation. Although Macbeth could have kept himself from committing that crime, it would have been hard with all of the pressure.


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