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Macbeth Criminals Essay Research Paper Most criminals

Macbeth Criminals Essay, Research Paper

Most criminals are influence to the way of crime by some kind of ambition or purpose. Pressure, motives or weakness are examples of ambitions that might turn an ethical person into a criminal. In Macbeth by William Shakespeare, Macbeth formerly a good man falls to the trap of evil as a result of being negatively ambition. Macbeth was persuaded by pressure, motives, and weakness to completely change around his heroic and humane way of life for an evil way of life.

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When the witches tell Macbeth that he will be king someday, he transforms from being noble to the king, to being power hungry. The thought of being king had Macbeth s brain starting to think of negative plans. Macbeth previously a loyal kinsman to the king murders the king influenced by a motive that would lead him into becoming the next king no matter what. The idea of Macbeth was to gain a higher or more powerful status in his society. Macbeth really a good man, feels guilty about what he has done but convinces himself that what is done is done. This attitude drives Macbeth to more and more crimes.

Pressure without a doubt was an important part in the transformation of Macbeth from a war hero to a betrayer. He was overwhelmed with the pressure from his wife as well as his own. The pressure from his wife however, strongly influenced Macbeth. Her pressure made him think and feel that he could commit the murder without a trace and be king. If it weren t for the strong surrounding of pressure, Macbeth would have not been capable to commit killing of king and stand straight in the eye of guilt.

The mutation of Macbeth from heroic to villain would have not occurred if he had not been so weak. The weakness of Macbeth therefore, plays a momentous role in the play. He was weak in relation to the desire of becoming king. His weakness let becoming king be his primary concern over even good. Macbeth was also weak when dealing with his wife. He was not sure whether he really wanted to become king by an act of crime and betrayal. However, his wife convinced him that without a doubt, he should kill the king to become owner of the throne.

Negative ambitions might turn a noble person into a criminal. Macbeth was an honest and heroic man but from the help of motives, pressure, and weakness, turned into a familiar friend of evil. Macbeth was forever changed when he foresaw the royal seat as his own.


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