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Macbeth Critisism


As Ifirst started to watch the movie, "Macbeth," I thought that it would be boring, poorly acted, and not truly portray the play. I knew I had made my decision too quickly as the movie proceeded; and by the end of the movie I was mesmerized by the quality of the actors, how the simplicity made following and understanding easier, and how exact the dialogue was to the play.
One of my favorite characters was Lady Macbeth because she put her heart into every line, and burst at the seams with emotion. I was impressed by the way she showed love for her husband, disgust towards him, regret, and disgust with herself. She best showed these feelings through her facial expressions, body language, and tone of voice. In the scene where she was sleepwalking, she really looked as through she was in a deep sleepwalk. The look of disappointment and regret in her face and words were so real. Lady Macbeth wore a plain styled gray dress that looked very dated and her hair pulled up into a cap gave a clear view of her face. Her simple dress was worn to show humbleness and purity, which is ironic because towards the end of the movie she disparately wanted to be purified of her horrible deeds.
Macbeth's character was also very well performed. Throughout the entire movie there was a sense of passion that made me wish I was in the audience to experience more intensely. The feelings of hope, confusion, guilt, and greed were successfully portrayed better than I had expected. I really got interested in his character about half way through the movie, as everyone started to catch on to Macbeth's traitorous murders, he became more and more insane. If I hadn't read the play before seeing this movie, I would question why they dressed Macbeth in such sly and creepy clothes. He wore a very modern black leather jacket, black shirt, and black pants. His face was almost white and his hair was slick…

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