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Macbeth Essay Research Paper The story Macbeth

Macbeth Essay, Research Paper

The story Macbeth took place in Scotland. Macbeth was a well respected warrior, also highly respected by Duncan the king. He later meets 3 witches and they give him 3 prophecies

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and both of them come true right away except for the one that he is to be king. So Macbeth makes this happen for him by killing Duncan in his sleep while he was staying at his castle for the night. Macbeth does a good job of hiding this from the others. No one would have ever suspected him. Macbeth is then crowned king Banquo starts to suspect him of Duncan?s murder. But doesn?t tell anyone. In return Macbeth was more of the contributor to his own downfall, rather than Lady Macbeth.

Lady Macbeth contributed to Macbeth?s downfall when she first convinces him to kill Duncan. She tells him If you do not do this for me u are not man enough and I will no longer love you. She basically cohersed him into doing it, he wasn?t going to do it at first but she convinced him to. After he has killed duncan he is in total shock and comes back to her with the bloody daggers still in his hands and covered in blood himself. She tells him ” a little water will wash us of this deed.” In actuality water won?t wash this deed away. In the end Lady Macbeth ends up going nuts over the whole killing Duncan incident and ends up dyeing. In the scene where it shows her gong crazy, she starts talking of the murder unknowingly. The doctor and her nurse are listening. This could have been harmful to Macbeth if they had said anything to anyone else about it. All of this contributed to Macbeth?s downfall because she just forced him into doing something he wasn?t to sure of. Lady Macbeth was a big factor in the downfall.

Macbeth contributed to his own downfall because first of he went ahead and killed Duncan, even though Lady Macbeth told him to still he had a choice not to or to. He decided to chose the path of evil and destruction. After he found out he could get away with killing Duncan and not even being suspected, he thought he could get away with anything. So sooner or later Banquo is “friend” shows signs of suspicion, so while him and his son are on a horse ride, Macbeth hires 3 murderers to kill Fleance and Banquo. They succeed in only killing Banquo and Fleance escapes. Macbeth gets very upset by this. Later that night during his feast in his new castle, Banquo?s ghost makes an appearance just for Macbeth only. He gets so scared he almost starts confessing to the murders of Duncan and Banquo, he lets to many suspicions arise in peoples minds. He also notices that Macduff is not present at the dinner and becomes very suspicious and finds out that he has flee to England to meet with one of Duncan?s sons to get an army together to defeat Macbeth. So Macbeth?s reaction to this is to kill of Macduffs hole family, and everyone in his home at the time servants everything. People then start to realize that Macbeth has become somewhat savage. He starts to show no remorse and emotions. Macbeth was the main factor to his downfall due to all of these factors. He just started to say hey I can do what I want and no one will ever know but in the end this just causes his downfall and ultimately his death.

Over all it is felt that Macbeth has caused his own downfall not Lady Macbeth. Macbeth is his own person and makes his own decisions, no one else can decide things for you. So if u make a decision to commit murder and treason against your king u are bound to be killed when it is found out that you have committed it. Macbeth payees the ultimate price, with his life, for his stupidity. Lady Macbeth didn?t really have much to do with his choices or views much after Duncan?s murder. He was thinking evil on his own, and action upon impulse?s. Macbeth was the only one responsible, there may have been contributing factors like influences but it was all him in the end, all alone.


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