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Machiavellis Views of Human Nature and Their Relevance to Todays World

Born in Florence, Italy in 1469, Niccolò Machiavelli was thefirst great political philosopher of the Renaissance.Once a bureaucrat and diplomat for the state of Florence, he was removed from office when the Medici family was restored to power in 1512.He retired to his country home where he, among other works, penned The Prince, a work which has become a political handbook for modern day politicians as well as for those who desire power–whether it be on Wall Street, through corporate conglomerates, or in their personal relationships.
The Prince is a philosophical political view on how one might gain, maintain, and expand the power over the state or states in which a ruler has authority.While Machiavelli's views are based on maintaining a monarchy, they can be equated to the corporate world of modern times.In this essay, I will discuss how Machiavelli's views of human nature are relevant in the world today, particularly in capitalist economies that produce massive conglomerates.
First let's review some of Machiavelli's viewpoints.Machiavelli suggests that after overthrowing the current monarchy the new ruling Prince should be the sole authority, making all decisions in his own best interests.1Any members of the old regime should be annihilated, thus preventing them from regaining power.2The Prince should be distrustful of the citizens over whom he rules, as they will turn against him when times are bad.3He should, however, not mistreat them, for even though men are generally ungrateful, liars, and deceivers, they will remain loyal if treated well.This is particularly true to those who are in the best positions to oppose the Prince.If you allow them to believe you are interested in their advice, providing you ask them for their opinions on matters that concern you, they'll feel flattered and inclined to please.4
Machiavelli believed in a separation from the church.The chur…


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