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If you haven't seen Magnolia yet, I truly ask you to stop reading now, and rent the movie.Then read this paper and form an opinion on it.I really don't want to ruin the experience for you.
Isn't it odd how things happen?How people affect one another in ways that can't be seen until you take a step back.How so called coincidences aren't really coincidences, but things that were meant to happen because there was no other route to take.This is what the movie Magnolia is based upon.The people that we meet and greet everyday affect us monumentally in the long run.It tells the story of eight people and how their lives are affected by each other's actions. The major characters in the movie are Earl, the dieing TV producer, Frank T.J. Mackey, the chauvinistic televangelist, Donnie, the former quiz kid, Jimmy Gaiter, the quiz show host, Jimmy's daughter Teresa, Jim, the LA cop and Stanley, the next quiz kid.
I will give a brief, but incomplete, breakdown the story from each characters track in life.I will write of Earl because without Earl, the story wouldn't be possible.Earl is a dying man with an odd vocabulary.All that is known of him is that he had once been a television producer and produced a very successful quiz show for kids in the sixties, which is still in production today.
Next comes the televangelist for single men, Frank T.J. Mackey, played by Tom Cruise.He is seen as this smart, sexy and desirable human being.Women and men want to be around him. He is often the target of many women's rights organizations because of his chauvinistic attitude towards women.One day, at a break in his "How to pick up women" seminars, he is interviewed by a women reporter.She begins to ask questions about his background.Where he went to college, who his parents were, ect.What she begins to find out is that this guy never went to college like he said he did…


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