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The main character is Matilda, a fun, nice, loving girl. Then there is Mr. And Mrs. Wormwood, the mean parents of Matilda. Then my personal favorite Miss Honey, a nice, beautiful teacher of Matilda. There is one more character the Trunchbull, a cold hearted, head mistress of Crunchem Hall.
The plot of the story is : Matilda’s parents are mean to her, they don’t even care about Matilda’s education ( what parents ). Matilda reads a lot, and her parents, well just her dad, rips up the books she is reading. Matilda wants to go to school. ( This is where my favorite character comes in). Her parents let her. Her mom said ” Honey, let her. She will be out of my way.”
At school, Miss Honey is her teacher. The Trunchbull is her head mistress. Matilda likes school, she likes her teacher, but she hates the Trunchbull, so she is going to pull a prank on her……………………… to find out the prank read the book .
If you would like to read the book, Matilda you can find it in all libraries, Book Stores, and school libraries.


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