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The Desert Storm & Moving to the City
In No Worries everyday Matilda would go to school, however many of her friends' families were going bust and having to move. All the children were showing a sign of resistance, they did not want to go and left emotionally upset. In the book No Worries, there was a cash flow problem that slowly lead to going bust and Matilda's parents just had one place to look, Uncle Kev and his taxis IN THE CITY. In the movie there was also a cash flow problem which was caused by the wool buyers purchasing for less. The Bells knew living would be harsh but thought they would make it through until… Once day when Matilda and her dad were feeding the sheep a giant sandstorm arose and annihilated all the defenceless sheep. The Bells survived but you could tell by the look in their faces there was only the city to turn to
The play uses people to behave like sheep. This is not very effective as it does not tell the sheep's colour, body size or body shape. The movie uses real sheep which when you analyse can see the colour of the sheep, it's size and it's shape.
Singers are used to tell words that show heat and death but'a picture is worth a thousand words'. The movie shows a heat haze, which gives a brilliant colour, that no words can describe, as words cannot make a flash before your eyes. You can also see in the dead trees that show death themselves, a few scavenging crows. That meant that there were lots of dead sheep around that was up for grabs.
An actor had to pretend to be another object while performing in the play. It was not realistic, as there were no frequency sounds and no amplifier. In the play the radio actor had to just say something like; Listen, driver, that little girl of yours? Give me a description and I'll give it out to all the other cab drivers in the city. In the movie there was a real radio with all the sounds and the sounds on the radio w


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