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No other movie writer has shown the deception of ones perception on reality nearly as well as the writer of the Matrix.In this movie the thought of no limit's, and the so called ability of believing and achieving rather than, thinking and knowing while not doing what you as a human is capable of is straight out ignorance.
There are no limits in the Martrix.The perception most humans have on life is that of the one in the Matrix.A life made up purely by artifical intelligence. Machines that humans once marveled were know ruling the majority of the human population. These machines give the people in the Matrix the perception that the world as they know is in fact reality.Where it is strictly a hoax just to deceive humans into thinking they live in their once great world that they so quickly destroyed.The only real physical and mental civilization ran by humans left in the world is in the city of Zion.The people here know that the people in the matrix are just used as a source of energy.
A source of energy the machines realized they could use to run themselves.Morpheus leader of the hover-craft the Ebenezzerh knew the real world, and the actual reality. His life journey was to find the savoir of the world, the one called Neo. Neo was once a man deceived by the machines, but his belief that there was something else kept him searching day in and day out.Morphesus was able to help Neo Find what he was searching for, something to believe in, that something was the Matrix.Once he finally found his belief there were no limits in the matrix for Neo.He now saw what nobody could explain, the Matrix.
The way a science fiction movie like this was able to set such a scenario and atmosphere that is not to far out of reach and comprehendable to the near future is merely ingenious and simply amazing.Most movies go with the ideas of everyday life.I enjoyed how they were able to relate to us through a movie with a s…


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