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Matrix Paper

Every human being is born into a society whereas they are taught specific actions.For example, a young child is taught to read a book, he does not know how to read from birth.It is a part of the learning process he must endure in order to grow.Everyday actions or rituals, as in a job or even brushing your teeth become imbedded in people's minds."Man by nature is a subject", to his family, job, and world.Laws that must be followed govern humans.Basically, each individual fits somewhere on the Totem Pole.
In the film The Matrix, Neo, the main protagonist, is subjected from birth to normal everyday actions of life.He is born into his parents idealistic society-the normal earth.To Neo this is the norm.What each person does daily is just part of life.He works for a computer company as a "slave" in the Matrix.His idealistic society is normal; he does not think of himself as a slave in bondage.At one point a character contacts him named Morphios.
Morphios shows Neo through the use of a pill just what the real world is like.Every thought that Neo has been subjected to becomes a fantasy or just a front.Neo awakes in a vat of gunk attached to many chords.His matrix world no longer exists, just a memory in his new growing mind.He is "reborn" into the real world.Same as before, he is subjected to a new learning process.Still this man has not escaped subjection.In this world the humans are subjected to the artificial intelligence life forms; they control the board.The humans are still interpolating class structure and "everyday" (for the characters) actions.Neo's "escape" into a better world in reality is only a bad change of scenery from the matrix.His life for the most part is still under subjection; however, just in different forms.
The film The Matrix places a thought in each viewer's mind: are we really being subjected to an i…


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