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Medea essay

'A Mans Home is His Castle' a famous saying quoted by Darryl Kerrigan in the Great Movie, "the Castle" The real question in this saying however is, can we compare our very own home to a large fortified castle? I believe we can, as a castle houses many families a home houses just the one, in many cases. A castle is protected by the strong solid stone walls. While a home on the other hand is a home is protected by the shear determination and courage of its owner. (We saw a fantastic example of this with Darryl Kerrigan fighting for their home).
Both homes and castles provide shelter for its occupants; however the one thing that is overlooked when thinking of a home as merely a house is the love gone into the house. The feeling of a safe loving environment is almost essential to our well-being. When we have grown up in the same home for many years, or all our life for that matter, we can feel a strange but heartening bound with oneself and the home. A home holds much more than just our belongings. It holds our memories of good times and maybe not so good, It's what holds our family together similar to a castle protecting and bringing together it occupants. As we saw in the movie, "The Castle" The Kerrigan family had a very strong loving bound with each other, which I believe had something to do with the house they were living in and had grown to love.
A mans home is his domain, his territory, his property. It gives him a sense of pride which everyone needs. A man wants and feels it is his duty to protect and take care of his family. Like a king running a castle, a man feels the home is his castle, basically running the house. He may show this by renovating or improving the house himself which we saw a great deal of by Darryl Kerrigan. If a man's home comes under threat much like a king of a castle, he will fight to protect it. When a man has ownership of something, taking it away is not an


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