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Mel Gibson as a Genuine American Hero in The Patriot

In a period of warfare, brutality, and injustice, when no hope is left and optimism is evanescent, a miracle is the only uplifting means that would suffice.That miracle, perhaps, could be a hero.A hero is someone who others look up to, admire, or respect because of his or her outstanding qualities and achievements.A hero is a person who helps others find their way when they are lost and makes people realize their dreams, helping them to make their aspirations come true.Mel Gibson, as Benjamin Martin in The Patriot, embodies these heroic traits.In times when no one else could help, Martin is able to stand up and represent integrity by means of his just actions.Through valor and humility, Martin perseveres among the enmity and illustrates the authentic characteristics of an American hero.
Martin's courage in The Patriot, by far, surpasses any of the other characters.Near the beginning of the movie, Martin's son, Gabriel Martin-played by Heath Ledger-is taken off by Colonel William Tavington, acted by Jason Isaacs, of the British forces to be hanged for committing treason against the empire of Britain.One of Martin's younger sons, Thomas, played by Gregory Smith, daringly attempts to rescue his older brother, but instead, Colonel Tavington shoots him.Colonel Tavington's malevolent actions of shooting innocent civilians and burning their houses bewilder Martin.He, on the other hand, believes that generals should restrain themselves and their men from "targeting civilians, women, children and such" (The).This event sparks Martin's willingness to fight in the Revolutionary War, not only to retrieve his oldest son, but also for the freedom of his nation.He, therefore, sets out with his two oldest boys and guns for each of them so that they can shoot down the small horde that captured Gabriel.
Being a modest individual adds to the many exceptional features of Benjamin Martin.Humb…


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