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mice and men

As the men briskly walked by Lenny's body, the wind started to pick again from the current of the Salinas River which blew the fragile sycamore leaves down on Lenny's massive body. It was the changing of the guard as the daylight slowly dims and night begins to emerge from the sky.A milky moon peers out from it and shined brightly on Lenny's body as if it was a pathway to heaven where he could meet his Aunt Clara and have his own imaginary acre of land with George where he would always tend those rabbits.
The farmers dragged George to go to town to have a nice drink to soothe from what had happened earlier. George slumped as he walked into the saloon and sat on a stool. The short skinny blonde woman asked, "Wha' ya like to have sir?" George glumly replies, "I'll have a har' gin rummy." His eyes were a full of tears and could not control his emotions." It's all righ' George, there was no choice, you just hadda done it," said Slim. George didn't paid attention to what he had said and drank his shot glass of gin in one gulp. Not known for a drinker, he blindly kept on asking for refills of his gin and after five quick shots he passed out. Everyone, with a helping hand, carried him back to the farm.
The next morning, George set out to work early before the sun rose, with his potato sack ready to place the barley into, but was still a little bit woozy from his drink binge last night. His sorrow mind was still about his friend Lenny but he overcame this sadness and didn't have to be worried that he won't be around causing anymore trouble. He could go forward on his future goal which was to own an acre of land and finally don't need to work on someone's property. Before long, George already had two full sacks of barley stacked up by the barn and was working like a machine.Meanwhile, everyone woke up from the sounds of horses yawning and yap…


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