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Michael Moore’s Bowling for Columbine the Main Emphasis Being on It’s Satire and Sarcasm

“Bowling for Columbine” by Michael Moore is a humorous andfrightening
movie, which basically is about theUnitedStates.Thisfilmshowsthe
state of the Union, which is the intenseanimaoftheUnitedStatesof
America. The movie shows that the people are frowningineveryTVcamera
that has been directed towards them, blaming Satan and the thingsconnected
with him, like the TV itself, the Internet and the videogames,whichare
so very liked and adored by kids and teenagers. This paper is aboutMichael
Moore’s movie Bowling for Columbine, the main emphasis being onitssatire
and sarcasm.
This film has the unique honor of being selected intothecompetition
that is held attheCannesFilmFestivalin46years.Thebenchin
agreement and accord awarded it the55thAnniversaryPrize.Bowlingfor
Columbine is in essence an expedition through America as wellasthepast
of the Americans which in itselfgivesbirthtoafeelingofhopeto
discern why the quest of happiness in this world iscloselyattachedwith
Michael Moore is a bravefilmmakerwhoisabletowalkintothe
consequence of a dreadful affair and thusdoeshisbesttoanswerthat
question. He has made a profession out of fixinghimselfintroubletime
and time again whilst trying to make sense with thesame.Thisshouldbe
kept in mind that United States is a country where nationalism andnational
loyalty is essentially a religion in its own, he has somehowortheother
achieved to engrave acornerforhimselfasapoliticalsatiristand
Prompted by America’s worst-ever high school shooting, thefilmbegan
its life as a documentary exploring guncultureinAmerica–landofthe
free, home of the brave and guncapitaloftheworld.Butthismulti-
layered work reaches far beyond its initial premise. InMoore…


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